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Manage your restaurant in a faultless way.You can get all of your data in everywhere by utilizing our web based java back office module.Full controlled follows on system includes stock card description product transfer between investors and inventory based purchase invoice.You can control your balance safely and fast with purchase and sale invoices.income and expenditure monitoring and detail reporting.

Web reporting

You will experience to manage your restaurant in where just internet is available. You will be able to control ol of your reports by utilizing any phone or tablet. Users who don't have authorization can't see reporting module on their devices.

Back office

You will gain contemporary technology usage previlege with back office software which is developed in Java technology. Web platform will save you from always staying in office. You can change price of a product or add a new product even from another country. You can get all reports where internet is available. You can manage your multiple branch and department-based restaurant. You can define menus and prices for each branch seperately.

Stock Management

You can define groups for your stocks like ingredient or food options. You can provide stock enterance by defining stock groups while entering purchase invoice. After this you will be able to manage stock and department monitoring by using stock transfer slips between stocks in a faultless way.


You will managa your restaurant in a more efficient way with mobile technology. You will manage order process with maximum efficiency.

Table operation

You can transfer your orders from one table to another one. If you wish, you can make discount for selected products. An autherized user can cancel an order or turn it to gift.For this kind of operations,user can select a reason from list. You can learn information about who is and why deleted or canceled and order by using detailed reporting of reasons.

Instant adding of a product or table

You can create a new table which is not pre-defined. You can open extra table if your restaurant is full or divide one table to two different tables. This can be done by an autherized user without using Back office in an instant and fast way. Similarly, can create a new product which is not in existing menu and sell it by defining its price.

Staff entrance and exit control

You can follow entrance and exit time of all of your staff.You can create reporting according to entrance and exit times. You can monitor performance of your staff with this reporting.You can follow salaries with detailed reporting which includes late-coming and absent staff data.

Company and customer accounts

You can monitor accounts which you are purchasing from or your customers.You can create reporting for a certaing time period and export them to Excel or PDF. You can follow your accounts and balance with cash inflow and outflow.

Partial collecting

You can collect payments with Cash or Bank card or Gift card. You can use payment methods partially in one collecting. You can save dept recording to a customer account. Opportunity of selecting pre-defined currency for multi-currency using companies while collecting. Recording of balance entries related to defined daily exchange rates.

Mobile ordering

Your firm will gain profit by getting rif off cabling and lisencing costs and utilizing mobile devices.You will resolve time consumption problem by taking orders with hand terminals. Waiters will not loose time by using printed order forms and entering order again to POS device and you will take advantage of efficient staff usage.

Let us handle with technology,enjoy your time

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