We shall enlarge your establishment together with the products produced by us.

We can increase the feasibility at your establishment with our products of last technology and being easy to use, you can follow your establishment instantaneously with detailed reporting.

Android and Windows usage with touch Pos Pc

The easiness of using touch screen will increase performance at your establishment.

  • Magnetic card reader
  • Customer acknowledgement screen
  • Touchmatic screen
  • Video and Picture show for Fast Food at second screen
  • Personnel entrance and exit follow by card reader

You can instantaneously follow your establishment with your mobile devices.

You can instantaneously reach all of your information by Apple or Android devices

  • Appearance of many branches of establishments at single screen
  • Detaylı filitreleme
  • Detailed filtering

Digital tablet Menu

You can contribute privilege to your establishment and fix your cost of printing menu.

  • Multi-language Support
  • Customer feedback pointing follow
  • Workable full Intensive with Abeja Restaurant programme and sending order.
  • Advertisement show as video or visually

Multiply Platform usage privilege

You can produce solution with tablet, telephone or touch Pos Pc, you can contribute prestige and speed to your establishment with usage of mobile devices.

Further information

Get rid of paper cost with digital printer and cabling

You can see orders at touch screen and you can follow the periods of orders

  • Order follow according to departments
  • Vocal notice of coming orders
  • Position follow of order
  • Reporting of previous orders by detailed filtering
Faster turnaround with tableside ordering.

Customer loyalty and bonus management

You can province customer pleasure with usage of bonus and discount card.

  • Online working for multiply branches
  • Usage of discount and bonus
  • Customer management panel
  • Bonus collecting and spending
  • Getting extract of customer bonus balance

We are producing solution in conformity with all kind of establishment types.

Get in touch with us and Have information about our solution in conformity with you.