You can reach to your information wherever the Internet is available and do your processes.

You can reach to the Office programme with our innovative and strong infrastructure from everywhere you have been

Reporting by board screen

You can see all processes in the day from single screen at back Office board screen.

  • Graphic and numerical interface
  • Separation of daily sales according to payment types
  • Waiter Sales
  • Sale totals according to establishment types

Stocks & depot Transactions

You can manage stock depot separations of your establishment

  • Follow of multiply branches
  • Depot Transaction Receipt
  • Depot counting receipt
What will my guests see?

Product entrance & exit stock follow

You can easily do the record of your purchase and return invoices and manage stock inventory follow

  • Purchase and return Invoice
  • Accounts for seller firms
  • Product processes according to depots
  • Follow of branch invoices

Flexible and detailed Menu Identification

You can do menu identification as much as you wish and you can use every menu at preferred branch and department whenever you wish.

  • Identification of multiply menu
  • Separately quotation for every seperate menu
  • Menu appearance planning at sale screen
  • Setting printer extracts of products
  • Selection extra additions to the products to be sold at menu

Prescription stock production

You can provide the deficiency from your stocks automatically while you Access the prescription of menu products.

  • Prescription access of production
  • Follow according to depots
  • Depot Confirmation of stocks with counting access
  • Configuration of separate prescription for additions
  • Calculation of product cost at the time of forming prescription

Web Reporting & Report extracts

You can get needed your all reports wherever the Internet is avalable

  • You can see your all reports on Internet
  • You can transfer tour reports by Excel and PDF extract
  • You can get your information of all operation of end of day report at single screen
  • You can follow debts and receivables of firms
  • You can control stock processes and depot remainings.