Application of Customer bonus and discount

Have your customers gain bonus and have them respend the bonuses at your establishment.

Customer bonus follow and usage as payment

You can see gained bonuses at the time of sale and have them used

  • Usage by support of touch screen and card reader
  • Follow and reporting of all processes on web
  • Printer extract information of bonuses
  • Usage of gained bonuses during payment

Introduction of new customer

You can rapidly introduce your new customers at the time of sale

  • Name, Surname,Tel & address
  • Customer’s Date of birth
  • Gender information of card holder

Being read of card at the time of sale

You can have bounes gained and see bonus information by being read of customer card at the time of sale

  • Usage with card reader
  • Search with telephone or name
  • Having gained bonuses spent
  • Showing and printing bonus information

Bonus usage at payment screen

You can make full usage of bonus or partial payment while getting order payment

  • Bonus usage by partial usage
  • Printing gained bonus information extract for customer
  • Usage of single card at different locations of all your establishments
  • Application of discount card with central working system
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.