Digital tablet menu & order system

You can pass one step forward from your rivals by contributing innovation to your establishment

Digital tablet menu system

You can form your menu by tablet and get your orders

  • Multi-language usage
  • Customer feedback
  • Back Plan Picture according to the establishment
  • Being shown of order information at customer screen
  • Usage of tablet kiosk mode

Customer feedback

You can learn ideas of your customers coming to your establishment.

  • Price feedback
  • You will know the customers’ ideas about the service given by you
  • Ambiance of your establishment by customer eye and information about its hygiene

Multi-language usage

Every customer wishing to use menu can make usage in his/her language

  • Language Access feature at the back office
  • Selection of 7 language being active
  • Automatically translation of language access
  • Language translation as much as wished with additional language demand

Description of menu & Group

You can create menu and groups for your establishment in the form of you wish.

  • Product additions to unlimited menu
  • Creation sub-groups as much as wished
  • Being shown of firm advertisements as visual or video

Specific Screen Appearance

You can show the products at the menu as visual or list.

  • You can adjust the appearance at main menu as appearance of single or 2-3 pictures
  • Picture additions to menu groups
  • Addition of different Picture to sub-groups
  • Flexible menu show and usage

Being shown of products & Price information

You can show the products at menu as visual or list.

  • Forming list menu without addition product picture
  • Show product menu with picture
  • Product and price information
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

Single show of the product at menu

You can add video or Picture to a selected product.

  • Introduction video
  • Product preparation and content information
  • Preparation period and calories information
  • Being shown of detailed features belonging to products as icon

Forming order & automatical Dispatch

You can automatically send the products chosen by your customers.

  • Forming order basket &Directly sending order
  • Full Intensive working with Abeja restaurant programme.
  • Being drawn and cancelling of order list