Order Follow system by digital printer

You will get rid of paper cost and you will carry your extracts to digital medium.

Digital tablet Menu System

You can form your menu by digital tablet and get your orders

  • Vocal notice of new orders
  • Position change follow of order
  • Notice of expiry acceleration period
  • Reporting of completed orders

Period follow and change

You can ease the follow by changing the status of received orders.

  • Follow of multiply department
  • Approval of prepared order
  • To be able to see all positions by rapid button at the same screen
What will my guests see?

Cancel & Completed orders

Your cancelled orders are shown in different color.

  • Being shown and filtering of your completed orders
  • Vocal notice of cancelled orders
  • Back change the status of completed order

Being reported of orders extract

Archive your old extracts by passing digital medium by getting rid of papers.

  • Reporting between two dates and hour
  • Filtering according to product group and waiter’s name
  • Being shown according to table number and order extract position