Personasable back plan

You can choose a back plan suitable to your establishment.

  • Personnel entrance exit control
  • Entrance with user password
  • Entrance with card reader
  • Selection of 16 different back plans

Case entrance –Exit Processes

You can follow and report your all cash flow in day.

  • Printer extract according to issued date range
  • Cashier shift follow
  • Usage authorization for case based user

Seller and Customer bill transactions

You can manage the follow of all of your processes and balances with firms.

  • Collection and Payment Processes
  • Purchase & Sale Invoice Processes
  • Debt & Credit Balance Extract
  • Being printed of Firm Processes report

Previous order processes and detailed information

You can follow and report all orders in day.

  • Appearance according to orders types
  • Searching order by filtering & detailed Appearance
  • Reprinting old orders
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.
What will my guests see?

Detailed and graphical visual reporting

You can see detailed all transactions at your firm in single screen.

  • Details of payment types
  • Sales total according to waiters
  • Report of reasons (cancel-offer-rounding-account change)
  • Detailed filtering and getting extract from printer.
  • Sold products
  • End of day report selected simple or detail

Cashier shift follow

Making follow of cashier shift &Case processes based user.

  • Opening Closing shift
  • Authorization of cashier
  • Seeing shift transactions processes
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

End of day Processes

Closing shift at the end of day &opening of new working day.

  • Authorization based user at the end of day
  • And of day processes according to branches & departments
  • Being shown of details of end of day processes made
  • Notify of open processes & orders

Usage of marching Order

You can automatically or manually manage printer extracts of your orders

  • Manually or timely Marching
  • Being organized of printer extracts based product in the same order
  • Follow of orders waiting print
  • Order is automatically printed by choosing time when the it is on time.
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

Product additional features & printing manual message

You can choose detailed extra features for every product at order.

  • Addition of previously identified products & printing manual message
  • Describing additional price for additions
  • Access of manual message
  • Usage of identified additions as multiply or single selection

Sale by barcode reader & scale

You can quickly sell scaled and barcoded products.

  • Quickly sale by barcode
  • Integration of scale
  • Searching product
  • Price calculation of product by manual kg or cost access
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.