Install in 2 min. & start to use!

Forget whatever you know previously and meet mini POS immediately

Sale by barcode & touch screen

You can form menu suitable to your establishment and make rapid sell by barcode

  • Sale-Return and replacement
  • Unlimited being waited of sale
  • See price
  • Old sales
  • Case processes

Getting processes of payment

You can get partial payment and transfer to customer bill

  • Introduction of user authority
  • Discount and Rounding
  • Open account
  • Application of discount card
  • Calculation of Money remainder

See Price & stock of course

SYou can look at the price and inventory position of a product at the time of sale.

  • Addition Picture to the products
  • Scaled product sale
  • Barcoded sale
  • Usage of touch screen
  • Inventory follow

Old sales & Record deleting

A user having authority can examine old sales and cancel sale

  • Reprinting of old sales
  • Priceless printing of present sale receipt
  • Showing all sales in the day at single screen

Discount & catering processes

User having authority can make discount and catering at rapid sale screen.

  • Every user can make the processes of his/her authority with user authority
  • Usage of discount & catering or bonus
  • New product introduction for unavailable product
  • Following sales made by seller personnel

Processes end of day & reports

End of day is made for active day before passing to a new day..

  • Stock inventory
  • Sale transactions and returns
  • Firm accounts and balance
  • Case transactions
  • End of day X and Z report

Introductions and setting

Every user can choose his/her own working language by multi-language support.

  • Introduction and authorization of user
  • Descriptions of stock product and group
  • Customers and seller processes
  • Personnel and salary advance follow

Customer information screen & Scale adjustments

You can see sale total on customer screen at the time of sale.

  • Sale of scaled products, scale settings
  • Customer information screen
  • Information receipt by thermal printer
  • Information Access from excel by stock transfer