You can follow your establishment from every place of world by your mobile device

Download your application from App Store and Google Play and examine your establishment at single screen as online.

Board Screen and graphical structure

All your processes are instantaneously shown on board as visual and numerical. You can examine the difference between the sales according to the previous day.

Easy to learn and use platform

Screen of reports and details

You can see information necessary for your establishment on the secreen of report with our different type reports. Every report gives separate details in its own.

Offline mode


Made Sales total at restaurant & Takeaway and Fast Food

You can see separate sales totals in conformity with working form used at every restaurants, You can instantaneously get information with the ratio of the same time of previous days and make analysis.

Full mobility

Graphical Separation of your collection information according to types

You can control your case position as graphical and amount according to made collection types. You can see total open tables at restaurant at that time and additionally follow waiter sale separations at the same screen.

Offline mode

Reasons and their explanations

Depending on the capabilty of user,you can report your processes such as discount,deletion, catering and which user has made .You can detailly Follow why the made processed done with user not Access additionally fixed reasons decsribed before.

Detail and grouping orders

You can see all your orders at your establishment as list according to the given filter, separately filter and examine if there is any discount, rounding or service at your orders by means of single button

Z-report at in the end of day

At the closing of Everyday end, a Z report come out before opening new day, But you can see this report at the same form as online in case that you are not at the establishment.

Average of table and person number according to orders

One of the important information for the feasibility measurement at your restaurant is the number information of coming people, additionally, it must be known how many people have come and the given order amount for per person, it is important to know for your feasibility how much payment has averagely been made according to person and tables.