Restaurant management system

This is restaurant software model operating in the form of getting order to the table

Table group identification

You can identify table and table group in b unlimited number by using Abeja Restaurant Module.

Waiter and Authorization

Waiters can see their table groups according to their authorities and get order only for their own table groups.

Menu and price identification

You can make menu identification at required number and use different price list for every menu.

You can report how many people has eaten meal and average meal amount for per person by entering person number to the table in getting order.

You can see total order number of your restaurant and average separation totals according to tables by mobile reporting in order to follow the feasibility in your restaurant.

You can have restaurants and branches as much as you wish, you can instantaneously follow all of them by your cell phone..

You can instantaneously control your establishment your cell phone or tablet device by downloading mobile reporting programme from App Store or Google Play whereever you are in the world

Payment Types

You can describe payment type at required number and you can make your order collections by these payment methods.

Table Transactions

You can have discount-catering-delete and return made at your table transactions according to given authorities and report them.


You can create required subtable in one table and you can make processes of separate account printing for every subtable and getting payment.

Table Closing and payment

You can get partial payment according to payment types or you can record the account to customer current account.

What will you be able to do ...!

Description of multiply branches and department and selection different menu for every branch

You can identify branches and departments as much as required and you can identify different menu for every branch. Additionally to this,You can make different price usage at the same menu at different times by making price identifications more than one for every menu.

Configuration of printer extracts according to device and waiters

You can configuration printer extract of products for every device or every waiter. Furthermore you can determine printer for single product you can provide extract of this product from another point. You can print all products belonging described group by identifying printer groups.

Sale usage by scale and barcode reader

You can make fast sale by being read labels both kg and piece according to flag codes identified with scale, You can enter unread barcodes from touch screen by means of keyboard manually and realize the sale.

Personnel entrance exit follow and reporting

You can do this from the part of personnel entarnce and exit available at programme login screen. Personnel can make the code or card drawing from here as soon as he/she comes and at the time of exit. You can instantaneously follow this information by your cell phone.

Sale of unavailable product at the menu at the time of sale

You can create any product unavailable at your menu by the open sale feature to be activated depended on wish and determine its price and you can get order by choosing your active printer list lastly by choosing to get extract from which printer.

Being printed of writing extract of received orders by determining time

One of the most required feature at the establishments order march feature As you can do manually, if you wish you can determine that it is necessary to be written after how much minutes, when the time is just come, the products are automatically written from by setted printer.