Takeaway System

You can use Takeaway software if you have establishment getting order on the phone or Internet

Takeaway Personnel

You can follow accounts of your personnel making Takeaway post delivery of order.

Orders of old customers

You can see and use the previous orders of your customer during getting order of Takeaway.

Information of Payment Type

You can enter the information of payment type of customer at during order and show this information on account addition paper.

You can follow total deliveries of your Takeaway personel during day and easily calculate their payment collections.

You can close collective order accounts of selected orders by making collective orders selection You can have your customer account debted by open account working type.

You can control all of your Takeaways and payments with usage ease

You can required Takeaway personel by packet service module being an independent working type and make performance follow of every personnel

Caller ID

You can see your calling customer by connection of caller ID device.

Meal Order Processes

You Can integrate meal order systems by Internet.

Usage of Mobile Device

You can use your Takeaway programme by your telephone or tablet device.

Pricing packet menu

You can identify the same menu and price for packet service as addition to restaurant menu system at your establishment..

What will you be able to do ...!

How to use restaurant system with Takeaway system at the same time

Takeaway programme has completely diffirent structure, its menu identification may be different or you can use menu and prices at the restaurant. You can separately use the two modules at the same time.

Getting Takeaway order by mobile device while you are out of establishment

You can use all of our programmes without being ready at your establishment even if you are at other location.You can use the programmes from every place having Internet with setted adjustments at static IP establishments and get orders

How to use two programme by single device

You can make fast passes amongst the programmes by means of pass buttons being active with a device having licensing of restaurant and Takeaway and get orders.

Separately display the details of Takeaway reporting

You can separately see your details of all payments and all processes made from Restaurant, Takeaway and Fast Food at our Mobile and Web reporting programmes...

How to follow open account

If your Takeaway personel chooses customer account as order payment type, order total will be written customer debt account and later you can make account close belonging to previous ones with your customers.

Changing received orders by Takeaway personnel

After preparing the order, appointing is made to packet service personel for delivery, If wished you can appoint another Takeaway personnel by changing a packet service personel, Then Order delivery passes to the new personnel and you can close payment processes with this new personnel.