Fast Food Management System

This is the system of getting and managing order to be able be used by establishments making fast sales.

Customer Information Screen

You can show order information on the customer screen behind the device.

Video or Visual Usage

You can show video or picture on customer screen in cases of unavailability of orders

Order by Mobile Device

Intensive Establishments can have the personnel in front of the case get fast order by tablet of hand terminal

This is the follow method suitable to use for fast order systems at shopping centers.

This system is suitable for getting order in front of case and getting payment on premise at cafe chains and pubs.

If you have Fast Food or establishment making selfservice, you can manage all of your establishment by one hand with Fast Food Programme.

You can manage all of your establishments from your centre Office and make price updating, all of your sale and payment information will instantaneously be transferred from your branches to your centre office

Central Management

You can control all of your processes from single cntre and you data is collected in single centre.

7/24 Hours Working Type

Establishments operating for 24 hours can make follow both cashiers and end of day follow by making shift follow.

Application of Bonus and Discount

You can use bonus and discount system being central online system at fast sale model too.

Having sale waited

Sale can be waited at fast sale system and later you can continue by calling the waiting sale.

What Can You Do ..!

Information Flow and control for establishments having many branches

You can manage all of your branches with central management programme by single centre, You can make menu and price description for every one and form personnel identification and authorization for every establishment.

Preparing campaign on specific day and time sections

You can identify required campaigns and discounts by promotionand campaign module required by you can arrange promotion for different products for every establishment and you can manage all of your processes from single centre.

Sale usage by scale and barcode reader

You can make fast sale by reading labels as piece or kg according to the flag codes being described by scale, you can manually enter unread barcodes on touch screen or by means of keyborad and realize the sale.

Usage two different programmes by single device

You can make fast passes at the devices having license of restaurant and Fast Food by active passing buttons and get your orders.

Getting order of personel in front of the case by mobile device at case intensive establishments.

You can get orders of customer waiting turn in front of the case at intensive establishments.. You can give a mobile terminal or tablet device to your personel in front of case, you would have removed the customer intensity waiting turn in front of the case by providing him/her getting orders.

Temporarily Making products sales in the menu passive

Authorized personnel can search and find the product which you want to be seen passive from menu and make it passive, later if the product will be on sale, he/she can make it active by finding.