Cafe & Cake Shop Management System

Our solutions special to your establishment type is exclusive for you, if you have cake shop or cafeteria

Precripting Production

You can make cost and stock follow of all products prepared for sale by you.

Bench Sale and follow

The establishments at the style of cake shop have bench sales, it is possible separately to follow the sales reportings in this field.

Shift & Case

The establishments operating with shift system can see and follow the shift follow of cashiers and case transactions separately.

You can contribute privilege to your esablishment with usage of tablet or hand terminal, furthermore you can see your printer extract on your tablet devices.

You can make getting special orders and follow of reservation for special days. You can plan the organizations of your estbalishment on next days.

Your data combines at a single centre at both types of usage online working system or local working system.

The establishments using Abeja Cloud System can instantaneously combine all of your branches to each other on Internet and get rid of server infrastructure costs.

Central Management

You can control all of your processes from single centre and your data is collected at single centre.

Working Style of 7/24 Hours

The establishments operating for 24 hours can follow their cashiers and end of day by making shift follow.

Application of Bonus and Discount

You can use the bonus and discount system being an online central system at fast sale model too.

To have sale waited

You can have sale waited at fast sale system and later continue by calling the waiting sale.

What Can you do ..!

Sale usage by Scale and barcode reader

You can make fast sale by reading labels as piece or kg according to the flag codes being described by scale, you can manually enter unread barcodes on touch screen or by means of keyboard and realize the sale.

Preparing Campaign on special days and times

You can identify promotion and campaign module as much as you wish. You can arrange promotion for different products for every establishment at different times and manage all your operations from single centre.

Getting order at establisment with intensive case by mobile device of the personnel infront of the case.

You can get orders of customer waiting turn in front of the case at intensive establishments.. You can give a mobile terminal or tablet device to your personel infront of case, you would have removed the customer intensity waiting turn in front of the case by providing him/her getting orders.

Usage of two different programmes by single device

You can make fast passes amongst the programmes by active passing buttons on the device having restaurant Fast Food Licensing, get your orders

Temporary making the sale of products at the menu passive

Authorized personnel finds the product required to be seen passive, by searching at menu and can make it passive. Later he/she can make it active if it will be on sale later by finding it at the same way.

Personnel entrance exit follow and reporting

You can do this on personnel entrance exit part being on the login screen of programme. Personnel can draw code or card at the time of his/her just coming and last exit. You can instantaneously this information by your cell phone.