Retailership & Fast Sale

Economical solution for every establishment having sale

Customer Information Screen

You can see order information on customer screen behind the device.

Sale of Scaled Products

You can make the sale of products as piece of kg by reading barcode.

Inventory Processes

You can hinder the sale of products unavailable on stocks.

The reply of every question looked for by all establishments making small and medium measured sales is at MiniPOS.

Prefer MiniPOS at your own establishment with the logic of working suitable to every establishment type.

MiniPOS prepared with the logic of single user is installed and starts to operate

It will be the best assistant of you after starting to work and you will be able to get all of your reports

Touchmatic screen

You can make fast sale by touch screen by grouping your stocks.

End of Day Processes

You start to a new day by getting Z-Report in the end of every day

Bonus & Discount Application

You can use bonus and discount system being central onlne system at fas sale model too.

To have sale waited

You can have sale waited at fast sale system and later continue by calling the waiting sale.

What Can you Do ..!

SQLITE database & Single User Support

Abeja MiniPOS is a sale programme designed for small and medium measured establishments. Its installation ease and usage comfort has been designed as the first priorityBy means of this, users can make their own installations without getting any technical support. SQLITE is a very fertile and strong database and all telephones and mobile devices have been benefiting from this database on these days, Our establishments actively using this programme for many years still have been sustaining their working by MiniPOS.

Customer Balance & Stock Inventory Follow

You can make your depot follow by making entrance and exit of your stock, You can hinder to fall down to minus of your stocks by hindering the sale of products unavailable on stock. You can follow seller and customer accounts and make their reportings.

Sale by Scale & Barcode Reader

You can make fast sale by reading labels as piece or kg according to the flag codes being described by scale, you can manually enter unread barcodes on touch screen or by means of keyboard and realize the sale.

Reporting & Data Transfer to Outside

A lot of reports to be in need by you are available at your establishment and you can use every report both paper extract or excell sending..

Multi-language Support & User Settings

Detailed authorization is available for users and every user can enter to the programme by usage language required by him/her and uses it.

Fast Stock Decsriptions and Purchase Invoices Entrances

If you prepare your stock list and products pieces by excell file, this excell file can form your stock cards quickly as well you can enter the purchase invoice by the same excell file. After these two processes your estbalishment will be ready for sale.