Management system of fast food

Order follow system for the establishment working in the style of fast food

You can follow orders with practical and rapid usage

You can follow orders with practical and rapid usage

  • Sale with barcode
  • Sale with touch screen
  • Being shown order information at customer screen
  • Getting order and payment at single screen

Sale of scaled & barcoded products

You can sell with barcode addition to touch usage

  • Product sale as kg
  • Sale with scale & sale each with barcode
  • Manual barcode Access and searching product

Being waited of sale

You can get the sale to waiting later you can continue by calling the waiting sale.

  • Unlimited being waited of sale
  • Being shown of waiting sales
  • Continuing by selecting sale at the waiting
  • To be able to make a new sale by having a sale waited

Description of payment types

You can describe payment types as many as wished and you can choose introduced payment types at the time of collection..

  • Separately Introduction of credit cards
  • Creating of meal ticket firms
  • Working with multiply currency type

Additions of products at order time and message access

You can use previously identified product additions or you can enter message at the time of order.

  • Introduction of additions form back Office before
  • Selection of additions according to every product and groups
  • Creating product additions with additional price
  • Manually Access of product message at the time of order

Discount & offer Processes

User having authority at the rapid sale screen can make discount and offer at the products.

  • Every user can make the processes in his authority with user authority
  • Usage of discount &offer or bonus
  • Introduction of new product instead of product being unavailable
Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

Usage of numerator at lower part

You can change the lower button appearance at the time of using the programme.

  • Getting order with portion button
  • Getting multiply orders by access of piece order before
  • Partial payment & calculating Money remainder