Restaurant management system

This is restaurant software model operating in the form of getting order to the table.

Management of table order of restaurant

Being identified & numbered of table groups

  • Rapidly Getting payment
  • Rapidly printing account
  • Rapidly carrying table
  • Information of fullness of table groups

Table Operation Processes

You make all processes at a full table at single screen.

  • Changing waiter
  • Changing person number at table
  • Being transferred of orders to another table
  • Sub-table processes
  • To be able to make discount & catering
  • Cancel or return processes of order

Working form of sub-table

You can open a new sub-table in a full table

  • Unlimited new sub-table
  • Separately getting patments of sub-tables
  • Separately getting patments of sub-tables
  • To be able to make table operation processes to each one of sub-tables

Table Transfer Processes

Being transferred of orders at open tables to another table

  • Being transferred of all table by rapid table transfer
  • Being transferred of requested products from table operation screen to another table
  • Being combined of two tables

Order follow of different customers at a single table

Acception and follow of different customers to a single table at a full restaurant

  • Getting order for different new customer at a table
  • Separately being printed of every customer’s orders
  • Separately being made of order payment processes
  • Account division process of customers at the same table

Detailed collection processes

Getting multiply functional payment &account operation processes

  • Offer & discount
  • Partially getting payment
  • Being got of payment of selected products
  • Service fee
  • Collection with bonus system
  • Bill print
  • Bill close
  • Calculation of remainder

Rapidly Getting payment

You can make rapid payment processes at table group screen.

  • Getting payment
  • Being Examined of table transactions
  • Being made of processes in the authority of user
  • Collection with the type of cash-credit card-meal ticket

Descriptions of payment type

Description of payment type as much as requested & being got by selection during collection.

  • Separately being described of credit card
  • Creation of meal ticket firms
  • Collection with describing foreign currency type by multiply foreign currency type