Management system of Takeaway

Being got of orders coming by phone & Takeaway system

Takeaway order

You can follow giving order of your customers by phone or online

  • Information of customer with Caller ID
  • Intersive working with Meal order system
  • Being shown and usage of last orders given by customers
  • Bill follow of Takeaway personnel

Follow of Takeaway personnel

You can make follow of packeting personnel and collection instantaneously or in the end of day

  • Identification Takeaway personnel as many as wished
  • Being shown daily orders of Takeaway personnel
  • Being closed of bill according to the type of collection

Customer Transaction History

Being shown of previous orders given by the customer at the time of order.

  • Being shown of customer latest orders
  • Forming order by selection of last orders
  • Balance information of customer bill
  • Product and Takeaway personnel detailed history of given orders

Customer information by Caller ID

Your customer calling by caller ID is shown on screen instantaneously Caller ID.

  • Caller ID
  • Manual Calling customer
  • Introduction of customer being absent at the time of calling
  • Showing Balance of customer

Customer introduction screen

You can rapidly introduce your new customers while getting order .

  • Coding according to customer card or telephone number
  • Gender
  • Information of date of birth
  • Information of address & telephone

Closing processes of order bill

You can close payments of customer orders by Takeaway personnel.

  • Selection of multiply orders & closing additive payment
  • Being got of payment of single order
  • Transfer of customer account to open account
  • Information of address & telephone

Describing of payment type

Getting information for customer payment form at the stage of making order

  • Customer payment type & Calculation of remainder
  • Being given of information of being made of payment by Pos device to Takeaway personnel
  • Identification of payment types at the back Office before
  • Being shown of payment type at the addition receipt